English Cocker Confromation PhotoFounded by two passionate champion dog breeders, ISLE OF DOGSTM has created a canine grooming system that recognizes and addresses each dog’s uniqueness. Our founders researched products from around the globe and found their answer in England; where they uncovered some groundbreaking grooming solutions developed by a British chemist. The key to these solutions are cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and Royal Jelly combines in a unique emulsion that suspends unusually high levels of natural oils in water-based products. This formula results in a smoother, shinier, and healthier coat for all dogs, and is the primary innovation behind the ISLE OF DOGSTM system.

Developed over 20 years ago, ISLE OF DOGSTM grooming products combine the finest quality raw materials. We use cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oils in order to provide the oils and related fatty acids that will enhance and maintain your dog’s coat. Our Royal Jelly contains high levels of proteins, lipids, and vitamins that promote regeneration. For show dogs, the difference between a win and a loss can literally come down to a hair out of place or the slightest hint of a flaky skin. To meet the standards of the American Kennel Club, you need meticulous care and unrivaled products. Many professional dog handlers trust their dogs’ care to ISLE OF DOGSTM products.

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CocoClean Grooming Sprays

Great for Matting and Transition Coats
Six Signature Scents

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